OBF Pastor’s Conference

I will be attending the OBF Pastor’s Conference at Peniel Bible Camp again this summer. This will be my sixth since moving to Mentor. The camp is scheduled for Monday-Thursday, June 26-29, 2006. Think about joining me. The theme this year is something like “Pastoring a Small Church.” Most of us fall into this category. The daily schedule includes a chapel service in the morning and evening and two discussion times regarding a book we are assigned to read. During the afternoon, there is nothing scheduled. Some of the pastors like to fish on the two lakes. Some like to golf at a nearby course. There are plenty of things to do. Last summer, I slept one entire afternoon because a group of us had stayed up until midnight playing basketball the night before.
If you would like to fellowship with fundamental pastors who take a strong stand for God’s Word, consider joining us for this year’s conference. More information about the conference is available here.
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10 thoughts on “OBF Pastor’s Conference

  1. Anonymous

    Seems to me that there’s a reason the OBF would have a theme of “Pastoring a Small Church” after reading your posts on hyper-separatism.

  2. Andy Rupert

    Very brave of you, anonymous. Adding your name next time might strengthen your argument.

    We have several pastors in our fellowship who are church planters. The theme of this year’s conference was especially designed to help them. Does that fit into your definition of hyper-separatism?

  3. Anonymous

    How does posting a name “strengthen” an argument?

    Just wondering.


    Another (different) “anonymous”

  4. Andy Rupert

    How seriously shall I consider the comments made by someone unwilling to sign his name? or address his concerns about “hyper-separatism?” Does the first poster have a record of biblical obedience? or is he better known for the opposite?

    It is easy to post a comment. It is harder to back up the comment by example.

    Are you a junior high student with little understanding of current issues or biblical mandates? Are you a faithful Christian who is willing to address issues biblically no matter how others will respond? Are you a squeamish Christian who wants unity without purity? These are important.

  5. Mark Perry

    As one who has had the opportunity to attend the OBF Pastors’ Conference the past three years, let me say that a warmer fellowship of godly men you would be hard pressed to find. It is refreshing to spend time with men who are serious about God yet can be light-hearted with one another.

    I’ve also discovered in my experience that “hyper” is a prefix that means “more than me.”

  6. Chris Anderson

    I’m surprised that you “OBF-types” know how to read, much less spell, type and publish on a (gasp!) website. Evidently it’s time for a resolution against blogging. That will follow nicely on the heels of your resolution against big churches. 😉

    (an “OBF-type”)

    p.s. Mark, your comment regarding the spirit of the OBF pastor’s conference is spot on. I’ve been to several other conferences, but the OBF’s is a can’t-miss…a highlight of the year. And Dan, your comment on the militancy of non-militants is both funny and true.

  7. Anonymous

    If you guys have all the answers, it seems to me that you could be a little more patient and humble with the great unwashed that don’t hold the credentials that you deem necessary to make a comment or ask a question. Sheesh! No wonder people post as “anonymous”. Who wants to be torn down by a religious snob for potentially being a “nobody”, by your evaluation?

    Still having reasons to remain

  8. Andy Rupert

    Let’s be honest, anonymous. Was your original post patient and humble? Was it constructive? Did you patiently address someone you thought to be in error?

    I have given you the option to continue posting as anonymous. But if you want your charge of hyper-separatism to be taken seriously, you would be better served by revealing your name and/or your reasons for making such a “humble and patient” accusation.

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