Muslim Indignation

Is the outrage of the Muslim community reasonable?

There are two sad ironies in the response of Muslims to this indignation. One is the fact that their reaction is an illustration of exactly what the cartoons are depicting. It is as if the protestors are saying “How dare you portray us as violent? We will kill you for that.”

The second irony is that while Muslims are crying “persecution” in regards to a depiction of Mohammad in a cartoon, this pales in comparison to the crimes committed against Christians, Jews, and Hindus in Muslim-majority countries because of their faith. The persecution of people of minority faiths is routine in Muslim societies. In some cases, it is even justified by law, and can often be deadly. ICC has documented case after case of Christian suffering, maiming, torture and murders of Christians who were killed because they are infidels or apostates (one who has turned away from Islam).

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