Mark of the Beast

I don’t think this is a sign, but it sure is an interesting way to do research. Maybe we could plant one on Chris’ head for the Lansdale trip?

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4 thoughts on “Mark of the Beast

  1. Doug

    Hey, Andy, would that constitute cruel and unusual punishment…for the locator if you placed it on Chris’ head? Thought I would ask!

  2. Anonymous

    this shouldnt be a thing to joke with i think u should read the bible (reveletion 13:16-17.don’t play with it u better repent NOW and be saved it could be late who knows?(when christ will careful so u can spend enternity in heaven with christ.

  3. islekerguelen


    This article was written as a play on words and was not intended to mock what the Scriptures say.

    I am a born-again believer through faith in Christ’s all-sufficient sacrifice. I believe (as you apparently do) that there will be a mark of the beast as indicated in Revealtion. As best I can deduce from Scripture, this will happen after Christ returns.

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