It works!

Our internet connection at the church office was down for several weeks. That made for a bit of an inconvenience, but we eventually were able to figure out the problem last Wednesday night. A man in our church volunteered two hours of his time to investigate the problem after prayer meeting. After monkeying for almost two hours, we found that the server’s DNS was not recognizing our IP address. With that problem fixed, the internet is up and running.

I thought I would post several life-changing articles after those repairs but the button which allows you to “create a new post” has been replaced with nothing. It’s not invisible. It’s just not there. So now I must go home to create a new post. No problem. The computer at home is a bit old (P3-700) but has been faithful. Upon arriving at home, Sharon says, “Andy, the computer’s not working.” Apparently, the kids must have done something again, right? (I remember all too well the broken CD shards which kept the door from sliding open.) Oh well, it can’t be that difficult.

After monkeying with the connection, different cables, different router, wireless router, completely disassembling the computer and reinstalling Windows on the same hard drive but in a different system (P2-350), and moving the DSL modem upstairs, it still didn’t work. “I think we may need to buy a new computer, Sharon.” But one last idea saved the day. This evening I changed to the sign-in option during the internet connection setup. SBC Global DSL requires a login for some unknown reason. Sure enough, it works!

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