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Someone posted a link to Roy Beacham’s article, “Bringing the Cinema Home, at Sharper Iron. I found it a welcome addition to the thoughts expressed by Pastor Chris Anderson in “Can Holiness and Hollywood Co-exist?” It has always seemed strange that so many who claim to know Christ have no problem with entertainment best described by 1 John 2:16.

If professing Christians are not exclusively attending “good” movies in the theater, what do you suppose they are watching at home? Do we who name Christ view in private that which we condemn in public? Do we allow into our homes, by means of this medium (or any other), behaviors, language, images, and ideas that we would never allow to be expressed in our homes by our children or our guests? How much profanity and God-cursing is acceptable in a movie? How much sex and innuendo? How much immorality? How much violence? Can we begin to imagine that we are wholly unaffected by watching and listening to these offences to God day after day and week after week? Should we not learn, rather, to be offended like God? What makes a movie “good”? Is it the ratings of people who warn us of its content? Or is it conformity to the nature and revelation of the one and only true God? In a fallen world, where that which is good may be tainted by or even permeated with that which is evil, where do we draw our lines?

Perhaps we no longer care what God thinks?

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One thought on “Movies To Watch

  1. Just Curious

    Question (and I have had this conviction for several years):

    If I were to spend $11, is it wrong to go to a movie at the theatre, or save that $11 to rent several movies from a video store? Better yet, wait for it to be shown on cable on Turner Classic Movies or AMC? Is there really a difference? My conviction is “No, there is no difference between going to the theatre, or the video store”.

    The answer: Give that $11 to the Lord’s Work, go to the library to rent it for free, and don’t spend it for Hollywood!

    Just Curious!

    BTW, I feel like I am writing to “Dear Abby”!

    (BTWII: This is Doug…shhhhh)

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