New Glasses

My first pair of glasses was purchased back in 1990 after my first year of college. I was inspired with the style chosen by my room mate Craig and also by that of my favorite art professor Carl Blair. At that time, Polo frames and lenses totalled about $200. I didn’t know then that you could purchase cheaper frames by mail order or over the internet. Now that I do, guess what I ordered over the internet? Polo frames! Guess how much it cost? $200! Go figure.

Thanks to I was able to upload a picture of myself (taken by Jefferson) and visualize what various frames would actually look like on me. That was very helpful as I could print out each picture and ask the family what they thought. It’s too late to persuade me as the glasses are already ordered. But if you had a say in the matter, which would you have chosen?

All pictures are copyrighted by Isle Kerguelen (c) 2006. If you choose to slander my good name by posting these pictures elsewhere, be warned that I will be sure to . . . err . . . umm . . . not know what to say.
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