A Good Day to Be a Buckeye

The Buckeyes won their first outright Big Ten championship since 1992 by beating Purdue 76-57 yesterday. They ended the regular season with a 23-4 (12-4) record. ESPN’s power rankings had them at #6 last week and with several high ranking teams losing games last week, who knows where they will fit into the NCAA tournament. In any event, J. J. Sullinger summed things up well, “It was a good day to be a Buckeye.”
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5 thoughts on “A Good Day to Be a Buckeye

  1. Andy Rupert

    It is interesting to note that the four games lost by the Buckeyes were lost by an average of only 3.75 points per game.

    79-81 at Indiana (#15)
    59-62 Michigan State (#15)
    62-67 at Iowa
    73-78 at Wisconsin

  2. Doug

    Yes, and what of the NCAA sanctions coming down the pike for the Buckeyes this spring, and it seems for the next 4 years?

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