Headlands Bible Club

This was our last regular meeting for our Bible Club in Mentor Headlands. We have been following the Israelites through the wilderness on their journey to the Promised Land. The last lesson compared the Promised Land to heaven. I ended the lesson by preaching from Revelation 21:1-8. The children were very attentive. After the lesson, I invited anyone who had questions to speak to me afterward. Most of the children ran to the “disco ball” room. (We meet in a community center.) But one little girl stayed behind to ask me how she could become a child of God. After talking for a few minutes, she admitt that she was a sinner and that her faith was in Christ. Then after showing her Romans 10:9, 10, and 13, she prayed a short prayer to be saved. Praise the Lord with me.
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4 thoughts on “Headlands Bible Club

  1. The Wickmans

    Alyssa and Zach shared this with us when they got home from Bible Club today! We are praising the Lord!

  2. Doug

    Was this at the old community center on Lake Overlook Dr, or at the old fire station turned into a community center on Corduroy Rd?

    The Headlands bring back some memories of my childhood. I attended a Bible Club at the old community center many, many (many) years ago!

    I am happy to see BCC having a Bible Club in the Headlands again seeing how my family messed up the neighborhood with our wild ways (I figured I would throw that in there before you did it)!

  3. Andy Rupert


    It is on Lake Overlook near the north end of Corduroy Rd. Did it have a disco ball hanging from the ceiling when you were a kid? The children always turned that on just for fun.

  4. Doug

    This was before the “disco ball” when we had the Bible Club @ the community center. You have to remember that this took place BEFORE disco came on the scenes in the mid to late 70’s. The Bible Club was in the late 60’s to early 70’s.

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