Finding Good Music

“The task of finding good, godly music can often time be just that, a task.” Read here what helped Tom Boehm with the dilemma.

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2 thoughts on “Finding Good Music

  1. uc

    Yeah, finding good music is like digging in the dumpster for food…oops that’s the other arguement.

    I always hated that metaphor. Finding _Anything_ good is like digging in the dumpster. This world is a trash bin*. You have to go through a lot of trash to find treasure, i.e. Pearl of Great Price.

    This guy has given us something “of good report.” But he had to dumpster dive into the Internet to find it.

    * and I admit I’ve made some of the trash.

  2. Andy Rupert

    I’m not sure I agree with your undertanding of that metaphor, UC. The point is that a dumpster rarely yields anything worthwhile. Why not shop where you’ll not need be contaminated?

    I used to listen to the world’s music and get excited when someone produced a “good” song. But looking back on that experience, I realize that I had to submit myself to a lot of trashy music in the process. It wasn’t a good idea.

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