“Thank you, gentlemen.”

Tom and Jean Zartman are GFA missionaries who are presently serving the Lord in Monterrey, Mexico. During their last furlough, we had the privilege of housing them in our home. What a blessing it was to learn much from these veteran missionaries. As I read their prayer letter this morning, I was blessed by an experience Tom shared. It is my hope that his experience will encourage all of us to use our time wisely (Col. 4:5).

Recently a shoe repairman (cobbler) invited me in to talk about the John and Romans booklet I had given him. An older brother joined us in the conversation. It wasn’t long before I understood that they were trying to convince me of heresy and prove that the Roman Catholic Church was the only acceptable repository of truth concerning Christ’s church. At this point our conversation was no longer a dialogue between individuals regarding each other’s personal views and convictions, with each individual having the option to talk. They had recast me into an object upon which they could concentrate all of their vain reasoning about the Pope, the priesthood, and sundry doctrines of their church. By this time I had become a bit frustrated in not being able to defend my point of view, so I interrupted their babble with a question, stating that I would not discuss their answer. The question: “If you were to die right now, would you go to Heaven?” Their answer: In unison they immediately affirmed, “Certainly not.” I replied, “Thank you, gentlemen,” and left them so that the answer they gave would prick their consciences to repentance and true saving faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

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