Do You Know Where You’re Going?

Children and teens will take part in “The Race of Your Life” this year at Bible Community Church of North Mentor. The week of the race is June 19-23, 2006. The Wobbly Wagons, Bouncy Bugs, and Junky Jalopies will compete each day from 8:45 a.m.-12:00 p.m. Your children will race through a three hour VBS program which includes exciting Bible stories, songs, and fun activities. For more information, call (440) 257-1238. Or you may click here to register on the web.

Coloring Contest

Once you have registered, click here to download the coloring contest entry sheet. Color the picture and then mail it to the address at the bottom of the sheet. We will announce the winner during the week of Vacation Bible School.

About our Staff…

Pastor Andy Rupert (Director and Bible Teacher, Grades K-6) holds a master’s degree in Biblical Studies and has held numerous children’s programs in churches throughout the country. “I believe that children can understand the Bible. When it is presented clearly on their level of understanding, God will use His Word in a special way.” Pastor Rupert and his wife have three children and live in Painesville.

Laura Hatt (Assistant Director, Grades K-6) has worked with the Vacation Bible School program for many years as director, pianist, and teacher. Her creative talents can be seen throughout the program. She and her husband have two daughters.

Karen Pfeifle (Superintendent, Beginners) is an experienced teacher and music director. She has taught children in church and in school for over 25 years. Currently she directs a children’s program at the Central YMCA in Painesville. She and her husband have three daughters.

Pam Andrews (Superintendent, Primaries) As a registered nurse and mother of four, Pam has a special burden for children. “I do love children and look forward to VBS as a wonderful opportunity to reach those who otherwise might not hear the truth of the Gospel.”

Heather Flack (Superintendent, Juniors) came to know Christ as Saviour as a youngster and always looked forward to attending Vacation Bible School. She has worked in various children’s ministries for the past 25 years. “Junior age children are fun to work with and I am excited about directing that department for VBS.” Heather and her husband have six children.

Pastor Stephen Spence (Director, Grades 7-8) holds a master’s degree in pastoral studies. He has extensive experience in youth ministries and a special love for teens. “I was saved in seventh grade so my heart is especially burdened for junior high young people.” He and his wife also have two daughters.


Our theme is based on Proverbs 14:12 which says, “There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death.” Too many people race through their lives thinking they are “okay” with God, not knowing that they are headed for destruction. With this year’s program, our desire is to show each child what the Bible says about life and eternity. With God’s help, we hope to point many children toward Jesus, the only way to find God.

Bus Schedule

There will only be one bus this year. It’s route includes the Headlands and French Hollow neighborhoods.

Time & Location

8:23 — Rosemary & Farley
8:24 — Rosemary & Willowbrook
8:25 — Sterling Middle School
8:26 — Jordan & Homewood
8:27 — Jordan & Robinwood
8:28 — Maiden & Bellemeadow
8:29 — Maiden & Orchard
8:29 — Maiden & Wake Robin
8:30 — Forest & Garden
8:31 — Headlands School
8:33 — Garden & Glennlodge
8:34 — Garden & Brooksdale
8:35 — Garden & Marigold
8:38 — Lakeshore & Lorrey Place
8:41 — Hilltop & Nearing Circle
8:42 — Hilltop & Dorrwood
8:44 — Dorrwood & Marjory
8:45 — Dorrwood & Harvest Home
8:47 — Harvest Home & White Oak
8:48 — Marjory & South Shandle
8:50 — Arrive at Bible Community Church

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3 thoughts on “Do You Know Where You’re Going?

  1. Doug

    I think I would want to be on the Junkie Jalopies team. I have had so many jalopies in my life, I could have started my own “Rent A Wreck” company!

    Now that BCC has you on their staff, I know your creativity will go a long way to Honor Christ!

  2. Doug

    Ok, I received your e-mail last night and you were asking me to view the front of the “Junkie Jalopy”. It looks like a (huh-hum) SAAB front end! Trying to make a statement on SAAB’s there, Andy?

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