Google News — May 1, 2006

“Many secular critics lump fundamentalist Christianity and fundamentalist Islam together. What are the critical differences between the two?”

—answered here

The Bible Literacy Project is attempting get the Bible into the public schools by teaching it as literature.

“According to the Barna Group, a Christian research and polling agency, 53 percent of adults who read The Da Vinci Code report that the book has helped their ‘personal spiritual growth and understanding.’ “

—quoted in this article about The Da Vinci Code

“I’d much rather have someone love me than be able to define the Trinity or something like that—although I feel very passionate about the tradition.”

—quoted in this Episcopal Church article

Ohio voters must be sure they press final button.

—Click here for information about Ohio candidates.

$790,000 has been invested in Saab repairs in Iraq. Read the whole story here.

The Steal: Maybe they should have kept Smush Parker?

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6 thoughts on “Google News — May 1, 2006

  1. dale


    As a guy who has read the book, The Da Vinci Code (a few times, no less), I can certainly say that it has reinvigorated my own faith. Let me point out that I do NOT mean that it is a work in which I find anything theological even remotely correct; rather, when I read it and became so outraged (“be angry and sin not”), I began to rediscover the TRUTH of God by the Holy Spirit within me, and began to turn back to Him whom I had become indifferent. I wanted to prove Brown wrong (which is not overly difficult, BTW). In that regard, Brown has done me a great service. Jesus Christ is the living Son of God, the vicarious attonement for my sins, without I am damned.

    I was so angry that Brown had blasphemed the Savior and historic (may I say, “fundamental”?) christianity, that it drew me closer to the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Brown is SO absolutely wrong with his attempts to revitalize ancient heresies, that God’s judgment will be upon him unless he repent of his evil.

    However, until that day comes, I am, by the grace of God, using Brown’s work as an opening for witness to the Truth of Jesus Christ. You’d also be suprised the receptive nature of those students in my GED class who are inquisitive. We’ve had some great discussions recently re the true Christ, His mission, what the Church is, who defines “truth”, Brown’s heresies, the nature of man, and the Gospel message has been interwoven within the opportunities presented by the discussions of the book. Granted, my students are there to get their GED, and it’s my job to help get them there, but they also have great desire to discuss the things of God.

    My feeling is let God judge Brown or bring him to faith and repentence. I’ll keep using his errant book as a springboard into a witness for the Christ of the true Scriptures.

    One other issue: the book is action-packed and filled with scenes of daring and intrigue. However, it is extremely superficial. Even at its best, is hardly rises to the level of a good Hardy Boys mystery. If it were not for the satanic message that appeals to the average person (the first human temptation recorded in Genesis was that we really don’t need God, He’s holding out on us), Brown wouldn’t have had the success that he has. All he is doing is spinning the original lie of Satan into a best-selling thriller: “he will bruise your heel”. But thanks be to God in the victory of the Cross! Satan has already been defeated. We should not fear the ramblings of another heretic like Dan Brown.



  2. Doug

    Not to burst you bubble, Drew, but it’s not a SAAB they are rebuilding…

    As to the Da Vinci Code, what more is there to say? Men cannot see the Truth until Christ reveals the Truth to them. They are already dead in their trespasses and sins. Should we, as the Apostle John, warn fellow believers of this gnostic heresy? Of course! Should we be amazed at this gnostic heresy? Of course not! The “falling away” is just the beginning.

  3. Andy Rupert

    The button on the voting machine wasn’t difficult to see. But after choosing my selections, it told me to press a button on the screen while a physical button on the top of the machine was blinking. I chose the physical one and it said I did right. But that was strange.

    Go Blackwell!

  4. Andy Rupert

    Complain enough and Ohio will purchase another set of voting machines . . . at the expense of you know who. Don’t worry, it won’t cost much. (ha ha)

  5. Anonymous

    one reason we can know that Jesus was not married (ala “The Da Vinci Code”) is that the church is the bride of Christ, and if Jesus were married, he would have been committing adultry…at least that’s my reading of the NT…thanks


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