Friday’s Walk

It’s raining outside today. So, I decided to walk in the gymnasium instead. During my travels, I have been listening to an audio book version of “The Children of Captain Grant” by Jules Verne. But as the book is 66 chapters long, I thought it would be good to take a break and listen to a sermon. Hoping to study and walk at the same time, I looked for a message covering 2 Peter 2:1-3. Sermon Audio offered several messages, but most of the names I didn’t recognize. My finl choice was Pastor Mike Harding’s message entitled, “Idolatry: Basic Problem of CCM.”

The message wasn’t an exposition of the passage as the title indicated, but it turned out to be a good treatment of the issue. Pastor Harding has no problem speaking his mind on CCM. And he uses plenty of Scripture and current events to support his thoughts. At the end of the message, he shares how rock music has harmed someone very close to him. Overall, I think this was a good message about an issue that is drastically affecting Christianity.

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