Yo Dude!

Are young fundamentalists taking over the OBF?

It’s amazing what people find to do in their spare time.

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2 thoughts on “Yo Dude!

  1. Mark Perry

    Hey, in our spare time, some of us run around our neighborhoods (sixteen miles at a time), some of us take apart old cars in our basements, and some of us, um, have seven kids. What can I say? I get tired driving sixteen miles, would rather throw my car away than try to fix it myself and I don’t have any kids! [heh,heh]

  2. Andy Rupert

    When you throw away your car, let me know, okay? I left a note on a stranded Saab convertible yesterday. Believe it or not, the guy called and offered to sell it to me. Maybe if the price comes down…

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