Thanking God for what I did

Amazing! The world record for the 100 meter dash has been beaten once again. This time it was Justin Gatlin (USA) by 1/100th of a second at the Qatar Grand Prix. After this historic finish, he thanked God and his parents before saying some incredibly humble words: “It is amazing I did it. It took a lot of discipline and dedication. You will see many more performances like this from me in the future” (ESPN). “I don’t go for world records. They come to me” (ABC News) “I am the best of the best because I am the Olympic champion and the world champion” (Xinhua). “Now I can say I’m the fastest man in the world and I feel great. But nothing has changed about me. I haven’t got a big head about this” (NY Times). Oh well. It must be hard to be humble when something like that happens. But I hope that some day he will truly recognize the One who gave him his quick feet.
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