Mr. Wallace

What’s that you said, Mr. Wallace? I beg to differ.
I’m sorry, I still can’t understand you. What was that?
Okay, I heard you that time. But there’s still one more game to go.

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3 thoughts on “Mr. Wallace

  1. Doug

    RE: “‘I ain’t worried about these cats,’ he (Wallace) said.”


  2. Mark Perry

    Sorry, Cats. [heh,heh]

    What was that, Mr. Rupert? Did I hear you correctly? Oh, I see.

    Come again, Mr. Morrow? What were you worried about? That makes sense, I guess. [heh,heh]

  3. Doug

    HA! So, why the big love for that other team up north?

    Mark, I have been “suffering” with the Cadavers, uh, I mean Cavaliers since they were formed in 1970, so this is nothing new to me!

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