Why is that?

I am currently in the process of reading through the Old Testament historical books and have come across a character who had a very interesting life. Ahab was a king of Israel after the kingdom was divided. He was a follower of Baal and was married to Jezebel, possibly the most wicked woman who has ever lived (1 Kings 16:30-33). There is not much good that can be said about this king. And yet on several occasions God took the time to show his power for his benefit.

Ahab saw God hold back the rain for three years at the request of the prophet Elijah (17:1). He next saw God send down fire from heaven to consume a water-soaked sacrifice (something his prophets failed to do) on Mount Carmel (18:36-39) . He was visited twice by a prophet who promised him victory in the battle against Syria (20:13-14, 28). He also saw God fulfill that promise by defeating an enormous Syrian army two times (20:20-21, 29).

This wicked king experienced God’s amazing power on each of these occasions. And yet, he refused to repent of his sin and follow the one who could have changed his life. His life is paralleled today by those who have seen God’s great power in the world around them. He has done many things to benefit their lives, even helping them in times of distress. And yet, they refuse to repent and follow the Lord Jesus Christ. Why is that?

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