Ricky Racer #2

Ricky and his dad had just finished working on the little go-cart. But when the engine stalled, Ricky had to get out to pull the starter rope. To his surprise, the engine started and the go-cart ran away from him. It was headed down the driveway and toward the parking lot across the street. “Oh no!” said Ricky’s dad. What was wrong? The go-cart was headed right for the parking lot full of shiny cars. Ricky was terrified. He fell to the ground and covered his head with his hands. It was too terrible to look.

Wham! Ricky heard the sound of the impact and the engine dying and felt like crawling under a rock. He was too afraid to look. Had it hit the Lexus or the Mercedes? “How am I going to pay for the repairs with my meager allowance?” But then, realizing that he would have to face the music sooner or later, Ricky opened his eyes and stood up. To his surprise, the go-cart had not hit a parked car. In fact, it hadn’t even made it across the street. It had simply run into the big rubber tire of what appeared to be a big, yellow school bus.

“Hey, buddy!” yelled the driver. “Uh oh!” thought Ricky. “I’m in big trouble now.” He and his dad ran over to the bus and tried to explain to the bus driver what had happened. “Hey, I’m really sorry, mister,” said Ricky. “Yes, we were just trying to get the thing started when it ran away from us,” said his dad. But the driver didn’t seem to notice the go-cart. “Oh, did something happen? Don’t worry about it. Listen, I’m picking up kids in the neighborhood for Vacation Bible School at our church. Would your son be interested in going?” It was then that Ricky and his dad noticed the lettering on the side of the bus. This was a yellow church bus.

They were so surprised that they didn’t know exactly what to say. “Well, maybe that would be a nice break for you after what’s happened this morning,” said Ricky’s dad. “What do you think, Rick?” Ricky wasn’t too sure about anything right at the moment. He was mostly concerned about getting his car working again. He hadn’t even thought about visiting a church. “Well, I don’t know, dad. I was hoping to finish working on the go-cart.” So, the bus driver gave Ricky’s dad a little card with all the information about his church’s program. But before he left he said something that caught Ricky’s attention.

“Young man, I think you’ll like our Vacation Bible School. We call it The Race of your Life. You see, most people zip through life without even knowing where they’re going. Do you know where you’re going?” After a few more words, the man drove the big bus to the top of the hill and around the corner. Both Ricky and his dad were quiet as they pushed the go-cart back toward the garage. “What was all that about, dad?” said Ricky. “I’m not sure, son. I’ve never thought of life in that way before. I’ll have to give it some more thought.”

The rest of the morning, father and son could be seen working on the purple and orange go-cart in the garage. After several hours, all of the problems had been fixed. Ricky test drove the car around the back yard a couple of times and found that it worked fairly well. But his back yard was not quite big enough to really do a thorough test. It was time to take the car to the race track. Ricky’s dad helped him load the go-cart into the back of the family mini-van. Then off they went. Was Ricky ever excited!

When they finally arrived at the local race track, Ricky felt as if he was going to burst! He was so excited! But then his chance finally came. He climbed into the front seat and attached his seat belt. Then with his father’s help, he started the engine and took off in a cloud of dust. Round and round he went. But soon the cloud of dust was so great that Ricky couldn’t see where he was going. He peered through his goggles trying to see where he was headed but he couldn’t see a thing. The cloud just seemed to get worse. Then it happened! Ricky’s go-cart left the ground and went flying through the air! “Ha-a-a-l-p!”

What’s going to happen to Ricky Racer? You’ll have to come back next time to find out!>


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