Island News — 17 June 2006

Episcopalians to Condemn Bible for oppression?
Virtue Online

The Bible is a tool of oppression, according to the Episcopal Church’s House of Deputies Education Committee, and interpretation of the Bible should be done non-oppressively in the future. The original resolution … included the condemnation of “literalistic approaches that have oppressed/marginalized certain groups.” The first draft specifically identified those certain groups as “persons of color, persons from different faith traditions, women and (at this time especially) gay and lesbian persons.”

School Apologizes To Christian For T-Shirt
Post Chronicle

Still many school officials don’t get the point that freedom of religious expression is permitted and encouraged by the First Amendment. They have been brainwashed by the liberals into thinking that the US is to become totally secularized. It is not. America has a Judeo-Christian heritage that must be kept intact, and may be if those who want to express their religious convictions do so.

Christian thinkers fret over belief
Washington Times

The growing problem, according to Mr. Russell and others, is that the way U.S. Christians conceive of both heaven and hell is so feeble and vague that it’s almost meaningless—vague “superstition.” It’s “not that heaven is deteriorating,” he said. “But we are. The percentage who say they believe in heaven has remained pretty constant the past 50 years, but what people mean by it has changed an awful lot.”

Abortion bill exposes divisions in Ohio GOP
Akron Beacon Journal

With Roe v. Wade protecting a woman’s right to choose still the law of the land according to the U.S. Supreme Court, Brinkman’s bill is considered unconstitutional by many lawmakers, including members of his own party. They say the measure would end up in the high court if passed. “I’m pro-life, but I’m not Draconian either,” said state Rep. Bob Gibbs, R-Lakewood. Brinkman’s bill “goes too far, too quick.”

Navy Thinks Wreck Is Sub Sunk in ’45
New York Times

The Navy says that a wreck found at the bottom of the Gulf of Thailand appears to be the submarine Lagarto, which disappeared while on a mission to attack a Japanese convoy in the final months of World War II. Eighty-six sailors died when the Lagarto sank in May 1945. The Japanese minelayer Hatsutaka reported dropping depth charges and sinking an American submarine in the area, although it was never known what ship it destroyed.

Care to drive a Cadillaab/Saabillac?

It may not be everyone’s instant cup of tea but it grows on you and Cadillac is right to think it is going to make a killing in the British market with the BLS. … The Cadillac is the BLS, an all new saloon based on the Saab 9-5 and built at Saab’s Trolhatten factory in Sweden.

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