Wrong Way

One evening, my brother and I were trying to find a friend’s home in Columbus. Her home was located on a street near North 4th Street, which just so happens to be a one way street about five lanes broad heading north. At that time of night, there were very few people driving, so we were able to zip around with no trouble. As we drove around the neighborhood, it was difficult to read the street signs because it was getting dark.

By this time, I was getting quite frustrated because we had not found our friend’s home. I turned down a side street and then headed north on Summit Street. It is also a one way street about five lanes broad. I began driving a little faster with the hope that we would find the place quicker. But what I didn’t realize was that we were now traveling the wrong way. It wasn’t until I saw a car’s headlights coming toward me that I realized what had happened. “What is that guy doing? Doesn’t he know this is a one way street?” Then it hit me. “I’m going the wrong way!”

What seems right is not always right.

The Bible tells us that people do much the same thing with their lives. In Proverbs 14:12, we read “There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death.” Many people think that what they are doing is right. They cheat on a test at school to get a better grade. They lie to their parents so they won’t get in trouble. They steal money from someone so they can buy a toy. They cry so their parents will do what they want. All of those actions seem to produce something that is good. The child gets what he wants. But is it right to cheat, lie, steal, or whine? No, it is not. And God calls it sin. No matter what you think is right, you must check it out with the Bible to see if it is right before you do it.

While doing those things might make you feel better or even make you happy, they are not leading you in the right direction. They are actually leading you the wrong way. You will eventually find that sin will lead you where you don’t want to go. The boy who cheats eventually gets caught and gets an F on his test. The girl who lies is eventually caught and gets punished by her parents. The child who steals money may have to go to jail. And the kid who whines doesn’t have any friends. But at the time they did those things, it seemed so right! But the end result was not what they wanted.

Do you know that sin leads even further than some punishment your parents give you? Yes, the Bible says that “the wages of sin is death.” The final punishment for those who are sinners is not a spanking. It is something much worse. God has promised that the person who sins will eventually die because of his sin and face the greatest punishment after death. He will face Hell. Boys and girls, sin is worse than it appears. You may think that sin is enjoyable. But it will always lead you away from God and will eventually lead you to death. Is that what you want? If not, you must turn to Jesus. Recognize that you are going the wrong way and then turn from your sin to Him.

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