Ricky Racer #4

After almost wrecking his go-cart, Ricky Racer met Pastor Phillips at the race track. Pastor Phillips and Ricky’s dad had helped to push the go-cart up the hill and onto the track. During that time, Pastor Phillips had invited Ricky to attend his church’s Vacation Bible School program the next morning. Ricky wasn’t sure what to do. He still wanted to work on his car. But the program sounded interesting, too. What should he do? But before he could answer the pastor’s question, Ricky’s dad yelled a warning. “Watch out!” What was the problem?

Ricky whirled around to see what was the matter. An old, brown garbage truck was backing across the race track toward the dumpster at the bottom of the hill. But for some reason, the driver didn’t see Ricky and the go-cart. “Hey!” yelled Ricky. “Watch out!” But the dumpster kept backing across the track. The problem was that it was headed right for Ricky’s purple and orange go-cart … and there was nothing he could do! There wasn’t time to push the go-cart out of the way. And no mater how loud the three of them yelled, the driver of the truck didn’t seem to notice.

Then Pastor Phillips jumped into action. With a mighty heave, he pulled the engine cord and sent the go-cart flying away. It missed the garbage truck by only an inch! Ricky could hardly believe it. Pastor Phillips had saved his go-cart from getting crunched under the dump truck. Hurrah for Pastor Phillips! Ricky felt like giving him a big hug, but all he could manage to do was say, “Thanks, dude … I mean, thanks, Pastor Phillips.” Pastor Phillips smiled and looked at Ricky’s dad and then the three of them started laughing. What a day it had been!

After talking with the driver of the dumptruck about his poor driving, the three men found the go-cart stuck in a bush at the other side of the track. Besides a few branches stuck in the steering wheel, everything else seemed to be okay. Ricky smiled. “Thanks again, Pastor Phillips. I was afraid that was the end of my go-cart.” Pastor Phillips just smiled but Ricky’s dad spoke up. “Ricky, I think we’ve had enough adventure for today. Let’s put the cart in the back of the van and head home.” After everything was packed away, Ricky turned to Pastor Phillips and said something that surprised even his father. “Pastor Phillips, I’ve been thinking about your Vacation Bible School. Do you think, I could go tomorrow?” “Sure, Ricky. Would you like me to have the bus stop by your house?” Soon, everything was set up for Ricky to ride the bus to Vacation Bible School.

The next morning, Ricky woke up bright and early. The church bus was supposed to stop by his house at 8:30 a.m. So, he quickly got dressed and ran down the stairs to eat breakfast. “Mom, what’s for breakfast?” Rick’s mother said, “Just grab some cereal, Rick. I’ve got to run to work.” So, Ricky got a bowl and filled it with chocolate covered sugar bombs and skim milk. It was the best breakfast he had ever tasted. After breakfast, he put his bowl and spoon in the sink and went outside to wait for the bus. He noticed that several other boys from the neighborhood were waiting for it as well. “Hey, Ricky Racer! Are you going to church today?” Ricky was a little embarrassed. He had never gone to church before. But he said, “Yes, I think I’ll try it today. Pastor Phillips is pretty cool.” For the next few minutes the boys crowded around Ricky as he told them about his adventures with Pastor Phillips and the go-cart.

“Wow!” said one boy. “That sounds like what the pastor was talking about in yesterday’s Bible lesson.” “Yeah, you’re right,” said another. “People who don’t know Jesus are like runaway cars heading for destruction.” Ricky wasn’t sure what the boys were talking about, but something inside his heart made him want to know. He was about to ask the boy what he meant but just then the church bus pulled up to the side walk. The driver opened the door and welcomed the boys onto the bus. “Well if it isn’t the boy with the go-cart. Welcome aboard. Have a seat. We’re headed for the best place in town. Sit down and hang on!” And with that the bus headed up the hill and around the corner toward Pastor Phillips’ church.

That day at Vacation Bible School, Ricky met a lot of nice people. They played games, sang songs, and ate snacks. But what he liked the best was the Bible time with Pastor Phillips. That day, the Bible lesson was about somebody named Saul who hated Christians. Saul thought he was pleasing God by hurting Christians and putting them in jail. But then one day God changed his heart, and Saul realized how sinful he had been toward God. When he believed on Jesus, God changed him into a completely different person who loved Christians and told other people what Jesus had done for him. As Ricky listened to the story, he began to think about himself. What about me? Could God change me as he did Saul?

What do you think, boys and girls? Could God change Ricky’s heart? Yes, I think he could. But will he? You’ll have to come back next time to find out.


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