Our children and the neighbor girls enjoyed the backyard this morning as you can tell from the picture. Trent is turning into a monkey. I wasn’t sure whether to run out to catch him or let him figure it out himself. He eventually made it down without any trouble. Later, Emilea and Ilyssa joined us for a late lunch. For the special occasion we had maccaroni and cheese, cantalope, brownies, and Diet Mountain Dew! What a way to celebrate the holiday.

The kids are napping now, but they are excited that we will be viewing the fireworks near Mentor High School. One of the newest ideas for outreach is to pass out free bottles of water and gospel tracts. It’s hot enough that most everyone will want water. But will they be interested in the water of life as well? We will be praying they will be interested. Calvary Bible Church in Columbus has done this for the last few years during the Whetstone fireworks. As their parking lot is used by many who attend, it seemed like a natural outreach for them. Now it’s our turn to try. But what do you think? Do you like the idea?

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2 thoughts on “Holiday

  1. Andy Rupert

    We helped several other families to pass out 400 bottles of water with a gospel tract rubber banded to each one. Jefferson, Katie, and I stood by an intersection and distributed about forty bottles. Jefferson even gave one to a policeman. Some wild girls wanted more “holy water.” We later found out they were having a water fight. But when we were done, I did notice one man reading the Bridge tract. That was nice to see. Then after running out of bottles, Jefferson distributed gospel tracts to people in the crowd. He was fearless! I hope that continues as he matures.

    Relatives might be interested in this audio recording of our children during the fireworks. My favorite part is Trenton describing one display as “worms are reaching out!” Like I said, relatives might enjoy it.

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