Island News — June 5, 2006

Catholic Parish Discusses Bible as “False Idol”
Renew America

One of the group’s facilitators wrote: “Since God did not see fit to preserve the original manuscripts, as an all-powerful God presumably can do, that is a pretty good sign that the Bible is not inerrant, much less a foolproof guide to the questions of the present age, such as abortion, women’s rights, gay rights, religious supremacy, Western-style democracy, etc. We can’t set up the Bible as a false idol.”

Presbyterians, Paedobaptists and…Pickles?
My Two Cents

What do pickles and Presbyterians have in common? Chris Anderson wonders the same thing in this humorous book review. “I know this much: I’ll never eat a pickle the same way again.”

The Gloves are Off after Rocket Lands in Israeli City
Monsters & Critics

The rocket hit the empty courtyard of a high school and caused no injuries, but the attack – the deepest into Israel thus far – meant a realization of long-standing Israeli fears. The attack is also bad news for Olmert, because it strengthens his hawkish critics who argue that his plan for a partial withdrawal from the West Bank would put also towns and cities in central Israel at risk.

Pastors’ Conference 2006: 6,000 Words
Peniel Bible Camp blog

I’ve attended Peniel Bible Camp since I was a little kid. But for some reason, I never made it onto the front page of the brochure or into a slide show. Then my cousin attends for the first time in his life and he makes the front page of the Peniel blog! Do I need to grow a goatee?

Hotdog Eating Contest
iTV News

I ate 26 White Castle hamburgers for a 9th grade fund raiser. (If I remember right, Julie ate 20!) But there’s no way I could eat the number of hotdogs this man ate. Yikes!

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  1. Doug

    White Castles!!! Lori won’t let me eat them! I remember that contest. Better yet, I have nightmares about that contest. Didn’t you have to play a soccer game after that contest, if I remember correctly?

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