Update: Puerto Rico Team

The Bible Community Church teen mission team to Puerto Rico has finally reported:

Report 1

“We had several praises! We arrived safely and every single piece of our luggage was accounted for. We just had a wonderful time taking silly pictures and really enjoying each other as we traveled. They are a great bunch of young people!!! They call us “mom and dad”— so I guess we now are parents of seven teenagers!” —Mike Goldfuss

Report 2

“After talking in their family room for a while, Mr. Schmidt brought us a devotional that turned into a powerful message. He talked about what it means to be a Christian and the success of serving Jesus. He shared his testimony, and as he cried during different parts of his testimony, I’ll be honest, I had tears in my eyes as well. He really showed his love for the Lord and his desire to live for and serve him.” —Randall Flack

Report 3

“We had a lot of neat experiences talking with the other young people. Many of them do not speak much English and most of us do not speak much Spanish, so we do lots of charades. It was fun to try to communicate with them and get to know them better.” —Natalie Spence

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