Skunky Boy

For those of you still potty training your children, we present to you …

The Adventures of Skunky Boy!

Shortly after Trenton’s third birthday, the doctor called his parents into the office.

“Mr. and Mrs. Rupert, I’m afraid I have some bad news,” said the doctor.

“What is it doctor?” they asked.

“Your child is not a normal boy.”

“Oh no!” they gasped. “What do you mean? He looks normal.”

“Yes,” said the doctor. “He looks normal, but he is not normal in another important area of his development.”

“Please, doctor! Don’t hold back!” said the tearful parents. “Tell us what is wrong with our baby!”

The doctor paused for a moment before replying.

“Mr. and Mrs. Rupert, I regret to inform you that your boy … he is … well … he stinks!”

From that day on, it was quite apparent that Trenton was not a normal boy. When he walked into the room, everyone noticed immediately. The smell literally drove people out of the room. A few months later, when he was old enough to understand his amazing ability, Trenton knew he had to make an important decision. Would he use his powers for good … or evil? That day, Trenton vowed in his heart that he would use his super powers for good. This was the beginning of … Skunky Boy!


Announcer: Skunky boy to the Rescue!

Skunky Boy: “Never fear. I am here.”

People: “No, please! We’re down on our knees!”

Skunky Boy: “It’s too late! I’ve already stunk up the room.”

People: (holding nose) “Yes we know. Now, please go!”

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