The Days of the Son of Man

In last week’s lesson, we read about Jesus answering the Pharisees’ question about the kingdom. They wanted to know when teh kingdom would arrive. He told them that they couldn’t tell just by looking at signs. Ironically, they didn’t realize that he, the future king, was there with them. He later told his disciples that the kingdom would not come during their lives. But when it did come, it would arrive quickly and would completely conquer the entire earth. But sadly, he noted that before any of that would take place, he would suffer and be rejected by that generation of people.

In Luke 17:26-32, our Lord continues the discussion by describing the Days of the Son of Man which will precede his kingdom. From the description it is apparent that it will be a time of judgment upon those who have at that time rejected him. What will it be like? It will be like two other judgments which took place during biblical history.

It will be like the judgment of the Flood.

During Noah’s life time, the people on earth had become very wicked (Gen. 6:5). lthough Noah preached to them, they still chose to continue in their wickedness. In fact, they were involved with the normal activities of life when their judgment came upon them suddenly. The Great Flood destroyed each of these wicked people who refused to leave their sin for God. But Noah foudn grace in the eyes of the Lord. Because he believed God and turned from his own sinfulness, God saved him and his family from the judgment.

It will be like the judgment of Sodom.

The people who lived in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrha were very wicked people. They had chosen to live very wicked lives much like the people who died during the Flood. But even after hearing Lot’s rebuke (Gen. 19:7; see also 2 Pet. 2:7-8), they refused to leave their wicked lifestyles. It was their own choice to rebel against God. Then one day, soon after Lot and his family left the city, God caused fire and brimstone to destroy all of them suddenly. They weren’t expecting it at all. They were doing all the normal activities of life when it happened. Only Lot and his two daughters escaped.

It will be similar to these other judgments.

You can imagine how closely his discilpes were listening at this point. They must have been leaning forward to hear every word he spoke. As the Lord continued his story, the disciples learned that the future Days of the Son of Man would be much like these two judgments. Those who choose then to hold onto their sin and reject the Lord Jesus will also be judged. They wil be going about their daily activities when that judgment will take place. The judgment will be so severe that godly people will not want to return to take their things out of their homes. They will rather run away from it to the safety of their Lord. But those who cling to their sin will be destroyed.


Those of us who have been saved will not be a part of that day’s judgment. From my understanding of Scripture, this judgment will take place during the last 3 1/2 years of the Great Tribulation. At that time, we will already be in heaven with Jesus (2 Thess. 4:15-18). But those who are living at that time will have to make a decision. Will they turn from their sin to Jesus? Or will they hold on to their sin and be judged? That sounds an awful lot like the decision you have today. Have you repented of your sins and trusted Jesus as your Savior and Lord? Or are you holding on to your sin? Your decision will affect your life for eternity.

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