Island News — July 14, 2006

Church’s ad drive enlists Bible to fight anti-gay bias
Chicago Tribune

“Jesus taught us to love everyone, even our enemies and those who are different from us, not destroy and mistreat them,” said one ad published in The Indianapolis Star. An independent Baptist congregation along a major thoroughfare posted the message “God Discriminated at Sodom” on its signboard. A Christian conservative group, the American Family Association of Indiana, distributed radio ads saying, “Not only did Jesus discriminate, he is going to discriminate again.”

Mass. Lawmakers Don’t Address Gay Marriage

“I think this is an issue for the people to decide,” said Jonathan Gal, 39, of Lexington, wearing a sticker that read “Support One Man, One Woman.” “I don’t like the way this is being imposed on us by a small minority—the courts and the Legislature.” Across the street, supporters of same-sex unions cast the issue as one of civil rights. “When does civil rights get put on the ballot for everyone to vote on?” said Jim Singletary, 44, of Salem, who last year married his longtime partner, Jim Maynard.

Valedictorian sues Nevada school for cutting off Christian speech
Las Vegas Sun

A high school valedictorian who had the plug pulled on her microphone as she gave an address referring to Jesus Christ sued school officials Thursday, saying her rights to religious freedom and free speech were trampled on. Brittany McComb, 18, was part way through her June 15 commencement address to some 400 graduates of Foothill High School and their family members when a school worker cut off the sound system.

Palestinians – You Get What You Vote For
Conservative Voice

Media tries hard to paint the Palestinians as the aggrieved party in this dispute. We read of the poor Palestinian women and children who die in the conflict. We read nothing of the many innocent Jewish women and children indiscriminately gunned down and blown up by the courageous homicide killers wrapped in Palestinian issued explosives. This double-standard has been present for decades.

Paralyzed Man Thinks Robotic Devices into Motion
Med Page Today

The 25-year-old man, a quadriplegic since a knife wound that transected his spinal cord, can open e-mail and operate a television — even while having a conversation—and exert rudimentary control over a multi-jointed robotic arm, reported John P. Donoghue, Ph.D., and colleagues, of Brown University here, and other centers, in the July 13 issue
of Nature.

Inflatable Spacestation For Space Tourists
Tech Search

Robert Bigelow, the man who made a fortune off the Budget Suites of America hotel chain, took a step toward setting up a private space station. A privately funded spacecraft packed with everything from personal items to insects lifted off from Russia on Wednesday aboard a converted Cold War ballistic missile, according to the Associated Press.

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