Painesville Flooding

Was the flooding bad in Painesville and Mentor? It all depends on who you talk to. Our family was not affected by the storm. In fact, I didn’t hear about the flooding until I got to church Friday morning and found the electricity was off. “Oh, was there a problem?”

We don’t get the paper and my car radio isn’t working very well. So, I was oblivious to the troubles others were facing. So, to me, this hasn’t been a big deal. Life goes on as it did before the storm.

But then there are the families that got several inches of water. One family in our church had a finished basement room which got soaked. What do you do with wet carpet? They called the carpet people and found that you can save the carpet if you remove the wet padding. If done quickly, you can save the carpet from getting mildewed.

Another family live in a one story home without a basement. So, the water didn’t come through the foundation, it came up through the slab. Sounds wierd, but even they had to pull up their carpet.To these people, it’s more of an annoying problem to deal with. Sure, the carpet may have to be replaced, but it’s not as bad as the flood of 1969, during which Bonnie’s Camaro floated on top of another car and Bob’s Corvair was completely immersed.

But then there are several members of our congregation who were hit pretty hard. They had four feet of water in their basements! Think about your own basement. What would be affected by that much water? These families will have to replace their furnace, hot water tank, washer, and dryer as well as anything else that was on the floor. For those families (who didn’t think they would ever need flood insurance) this is a big deal.

Their streets are lined with piles of wet carpet, mattresses, National Geographics, big screen televisions, appliances, dressers, and lots of sentimental items. While some of these things can be replaced, it will take quite a lot of money. On a happy note, to my knowledge, everyone that I know is physically doing well.

Today, I was informed that Painesville has been declared a disaster area. The telephone number for FEMA has been distributed to the people most affected by the storm. We even saw a Red Cross Disaster Relief ambulance drive up our street this evening. The Grand River is still running high but we are hoping that a few days of sunny weather will allow it to get back to normal. Please pray that those of us who live in Painesville and Mentor will be a good testimony to those who have been affected.

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2 thoughts on “Painesville Flooding

  1. Andy Rupert

    Thanks, Dale. The clean-up is finished as far as I know. Most people have cloroxed their floors and walls. Now they have to figure out how to replace the big items: appliances, furnace, etc.

    We are setting up a benevolence fund for flood victims. I’ll post the details in another post.

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