Ricky Racer mp3s

Promoting my own stories is not one of my favorite activities, but as they seem to have been a blessing to a number of families, I’d like to pass along the following information to you:

During the summer of 2006, our Vacation Bible School children heard an evangelistic story called Ricky Racer. The planned CD will not be produced, so I am making the mp3s freely available for download until later.

Ricky Racer is the story of a 12 year old boy who dreams of becoming a race car driver. While pursuing this dream, he meets several interesting people who ask him a very interesting question: “In the race of life, do you know where you’re going?” This enjoyable story is told in the serial/cliff-hanger format so the children will “Come back next time to find out!” The final mp3 is a Bible lesson designed to help children clearly understand the gospel.

If this particular story would be helpful to your ministry, the six chapters are available here to download. You may burn the files to an audio CD and pass them along to whomever you wish. For those without CD burning software, a freeware package is available here.

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