Island News — August, 2, 2006

FEMA to begin assessing Lake County flood damage
Star Beacon

“What we’re hearing from local and county officials is that it’s clearly the worst flooding they have had for decades,” said FEMA spokesman Gene Romano, in Painesville. “For the individuals who have to deal with it, it’s the most difficult thing they had ever had to encounter.”

Alice Cooper to build Christian center for kids
Monsters and Critics

The rocker who brought to life the term “shock rock” has announced plans to open a $3 million Christian recreation center in Phoenix, Arizona aimed at helping troubled kids. Cooper also plans to give the kids a chance to learn from his and other rockers experiences. He has already asked other rock icons, such as Ted Nugent, to come to the center and talk with kids.

Obedience is not legalism
My Two Cents

How many times have you been told that you are a legalist because of the standards by which you live your life? It turns out that even non-fundamentalists decry the popular, legalist accusation.

Is graffiti a creative act?
Suspect Reviews

I would be willing to wager that more than 99% of graffiti artists do not own their own homes. They don’t build brick walls, or landscape their front yard to make their surrounding better for the neighbors. They don’t pick up litter. They didn’t spend 3 days designing, measuring, and painting a sign for their newly founded business.

Ten More Years for Paterno?
Detroit Free Press

Penn State coach Joe Paterno might be old—he turns 80 in December—but he isn’t slowing down. A few weeks ago, he climbed Mt. Nittany with his children and grandchildren. He made it up just fine but said his legs bothered him on the walk down, so he decided to get a physical. Apparently, the doctor told him he could coach 10 more years, Paterno said Tuesday.

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6 thoughts on “Island News — August, 2, 2006

  1. Andy Rupert

    Thanks for catching that, Chris. I heard an NPR radio interview of Alice Cooper when he was in Cleveland recently. For some strange reason, he never let on that he was a Christian.

  2. Doug

    Rumors have him being raised in a Baptist minister’s home & going to BJU for a brief period, but those are just rumors.

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