Right Tune, Wrong Words

After making an audio CD of some choral mp3s, I passed it along to a musician at our church for her opinion. Apparently, Hosanna was an immediate hit with the whole family … not as a song suitable for worship, mind you, but perhaps suitable for a high school competition piece.

After hearing that, I went back and listened to the song again … and again .. and again. But I must admit that the word “Hosanna” doesn’t seem to fit with the style of the music. So, I came up with some substitute lyrics. I would propose changing the lyrics from “Hosanna” to “banana.” To get the best effect, try to fit the following line with the recurring tune:

Ba-na-nah I want a ripe ba-na-ah-nah,
Ripe ba-na-ah-nah, na-nah!

Background male vocals:

Ba-ba-ba-ba banana!
Ba-ba-ba-ba banana!

Am I destined for greatness, or what?

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3 thoughts on “Right Tune, Wrong Words

  1. dale

    Never thought Northland taught that deep a level of musicology in a pastoral studies program/MDiv. My guess, must have been an elective.

  2. Andy Rupert

    On our way back from Columbus, we stopped at the Lodi exit to get a snack. It just so happened that they had several …

    ripe ba-na-ah-nas,
    ripe ba-na-ah-nas, na-nah

    Trenton immediately began singing the song when he saw them. I’m telling you, the tune and the words are a good combination!

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