Island News — August 5, 2006

What is the Sixth Commandment?
Carter Home

“This week is Neighborhood Bible Time at our church. One day I walked in and listened as they went over the Ten Commandments. Mr. Brock (our NBT leader) asked the primary kids to help him list the commandments in order, one by one. They did well up until they hit #6.”

Thirty Years of Saab Police Cars
City of Aspen

“Another expression of the unique nature of the Aspen Police Department is the patrol car. Since the early 1970s the streets of Aspen have been patrolled by Saab police cars. While some might find this strange, the Swedish designed front-wheel-drive car perfectly suits Aspen’s high-alpine climate.”

Former Buckeye Coach Awarded $2.2 Million

“O’Brien was dismissed over money he gave a recruit, but a judge ruled earlier this year it wasn’t a serious enough infraction to justify the coach’s firing. The award in the Ohio Court of Claims ends two years of controversy at Ohio State. The university was handed NCAA sanctions for the $6,000 the recruit received.”

Clarett loses bid to move robbery trial out of Franklin County
Columbus Dispatch

“In a hearing late today, Franklin County Common Pleas Judge David W. Fais said the motion was premature. ‘I am confident we will be able to seat a fair and impartial jury in this case,’ Fais said. ‘If we run into some kind of obstacle we will deal with it then.’ “

The History of Isle de Kerguelen — Part 1
18th Century History

“In the belief that a massive southern continent must exist to ‘balance’ those of the northern hemisphere, King Louis XV of France commissioned Yves de Kerguelen-Trémarec, a Breton Captain, to discover the continent for France. Commanding the Fortune and the Gros-Ventre, Kerguelen left Mauritius on January 16th, and sailed through mist, fog and storms to dicover the islands on February 12th, 1772.”

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