Island News — August 19, 2006

Would Dr. Minnick pay $275 for Spurgeon’s notes?

Gene S. Albert Jr. “also sells rarities at the museum. Among the items is a single page of a 1454 Gutenberg Bible priced at $20,000; a 1685 second edition of John Eliot’s Algonquin Indian Bible, the first Bible printed in America, for $175,000; and two handwritten sermon notes by 19th-century English evangelist Charles H. Spurgeon for $275 each.”

Amber ministers in China

Amber Spence recently returned from her trip with Northland’s Team China. She had the opportunity to teach English to several students. While there were special restrictions placed on them by the government, the Lord allowed her to minister to a number of girls. We heard that after her return, one of her students called her home in Mentor at 3 am not realizing there was a difference in time. Amber is currently raising support to minister as a short term missionary to Germany with GFA Missions.

BRAPSIS2 — A Revised Baptist Acrostic

“Note that the acrostic does not assert that Baptists have only two offices. … Historically, however, some Baptists adopted the Reformed belief in ruling elders who are distinct from the pastoral office. Today, some Baptist churches are returning to this Reformed model; others urge a plurality of elders but insist that the pastor and elders have the same office though sometimes varying levels of practical authority. … This is yet another indication that Dr. Weeks’ acrostic was carefully designed with both historical and theological factors in mind.”

The new solar system?

“A 12-person committee representing the world’s largest group of planetary scientists on Thursday threw its support behind a new planet-defintion proposal that would increase the tally of planets in our solar system to 12. More dissent emerged, too, from several prominent planet experts.”

What assistant pastors do on their day off

Just when you thought it was safe to surf the internet, Laura Carter reports about a deep dark secrets of a certain assistant pastor. Look at your own risk! 🙂

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