Tuesday’s Youth Meeting

Dr. Mike Duffy gave us two excellent messages Tuesday. The first was a call to spiritual growth during the secondary chapel service at Mentor Christian School. The second was about surrender and assurance from 2 Peter 1:1-15.

The students have responded well to his preaching. The messages have also been a blessing to me. But better than that is the extra blessing of hearing our students say the same thing. Several teens stayed afterward to talk with him. Things are looking good. So, keep praying that the Lord will continue his great work in our hearts.

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One thought on “Tuesday’s Youth Meeting

  1. MarieWickman

    The messages have been such a blessing to my kids and also to me. I have enjoyed sneaking into chapel and listening to him this week.
    I really like the change in schedule for the evening meetings. Having the activities and snack first have really allowed the kids to focus on the message rather than switching gears so quickly to “fun time”.

    I’d post on your latest topic of current controversies in fundamentalism but I better work on speaking the truth in love before I do that 🙂

    Anyway, thanks for organizing the Meetings this week. May the Lord use the messages throughout the school year in all of our hearts!

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