Island News — September 7, 2006

Edinburgh University to ban Bibles

“A university spokesman tells the Times of London the ban is a response to student association protests that the Bibles are a means of discrimination against non-Christians — and an effort to treat all religious faiths on campus equally. Edinburgh University has had a long-standing practice of placing a Gideons Bible in the room of all new students. Last year, the school banned prayer from graduation ceremonies.”

The ACLU’s Double Standard

“The ACLU is crying religious discrimination for three Muslim student-athletes at New Mexico State University because coach allowed Christian prayer before games. Harder to find are ACLU suits against public prayers by non-Christians. For example, in Virginia, the ACLU is suing for the right of a Wiccan Priestess to open a Board of Supervisors meeting. Johnson calls it an incredible double standard.”

German fundamentalists allowed to homeschool

“Homeschooling is illegal in Germany, and yet the members of the fundamentalist Christian sect “Zwölf Stämme” (Twelve Tribes) have won a victory of sorts in their fight to educate their children outside of Germany’s state school system.Bavarian officials have agreed to let the group’s 32 school-aged children be taught by their own teachers in a private school — albeit one that is subject to state controls.”

Evolution debate rears head again in Ohio

“In what critics on Wednesday called a new attempt to bring religion into the classroom, the Ohio State Board of Education will consider a proposal next week that would oblige schools to teach critical thinking in all subjects. The proposal, to be discussed on Monday by a school board subcommittee in Columbus, is the latest gambit by those who believe Darwin’s theory of evolution should be taught as only one disputed explanation for the origin of humankind.”

Complacency or virtue?

“Your voting determines if you want government to become a cradle-to-grave-nanny-state which demands higher taxation, increased bureaucracy, and as evident from the past, increased corruption and inadequate emergency response and healthcare. Your vote also signifies either your compliance with a secular progressive worldview promoting more government regulations, or a Biblical worldview of personal responsibility, commitment, and respect.”

“A vote is like a rifle: its usefulness depends upon the character of the user.” Theodore Roosevelt

Ohio State’s Kicking Game

“What if Tressel, cognizant of the new NCAA clock-keeping methods, spent the summer teaching his kicker how to kick the ball so high on a kickoff that it hangs in the air long enough to ensure the game ends as soon as the Buckeyes score their first touchdown?”


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