Painesville Flooding Update

Our Lord made a very clear statement about our Christian testimony in John 13:35. The best evidence that we are his disciples will be our love for other Christians. This admonition must have touched the heart of the believers in Colossae because they had this kind of testimony despite the problems they were facing. When Paul wrote them he thanked God for their love for all the saints (Col. 1:4). What a testimony to have not only in their own church and community but toward any true believers who visited them (Col. 1:8).

During the recent flooding in Painesville, a number of believers expressed their love toward other believers whose homes were damaged in the flooding. The funds given toward the benevolence fund were distributed to a number of families in our congregation. What a blessing this was to them! One family noted that the benevolence money coupled with a surprise check from FEMA was enough to replace the appliances which were ruined when their basement flooded. Another individual whose basement flooded, had been turned away by a charity organization. They had no record that her street had been flooded and refused to offer any help. Shortly after this disappointing encounter, the benevolence check arrived to her surprise. God’s timing is always best.

For those who were involved in the benevolence fund, please know that your giving was much appreciated. The people who went through these hard times are now almost back to normal. Your giving during their distress was a blessing to them and is evidence of your love for all the saints. May God bless you and cause your love for him and others to abound more and more. Thank you.


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One thought on “Painesville Flooding Update

  1. Anonymous

    What a wonderul testomony to the love of Christ! Andy, thank you for sharing this message of love! May the blessings of Christ continue to be upon those who are recovering, and your church for its witness to the community. We are able to rejoice with you all to the glory of God. Thank you!

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