The Bible Experience

Beginning October 1, 2006, Zondervan will release a dramatized audio recording of the New Testament called The Bible Experience. It is a dramatized reading of the Bible in the Today’s New International Version. The site offers a sample recording of the Lord’s Prayer that is well done. They also offer an 8 minute video which tells the story of how the project came together and why they did it. It will also show you the quality of the recording.

On one hand, the production is very well done. The clips I have heard are incredible. I particularly liked the voice portraying the Lord Jesus. The actor outdoes Scourby or any other voice I’ve heard recorded. The voice clips during the video brought tears to my eyes a couple of times because they are filled with such emotion while expressing the feelings of the narrative. I have no doubt that the recording will be very popular and will probably be helpful to many who purchase it.

However, there is the other hand. The actors are a mixed bag. I am not familiar with all of the names listed. But I have heard of Denzel Washington, Levar Burton, and Blair Underwood. Are these men godly believeres? No doubt many of them claim to be. During the video, the director notes that many were “hungry” to be a part of the project as they are not offered roles such as this in Hollywood. Another man said that they are using both blunt and sharp instruments presumably speaking of the good and bad reputations of the various artists. Is this wise? Why would you want to use people well known for their roles in ungodly movies as a part of such a project?

It makes you wonder.


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