You are God

When the Clearwater Christian College team was with us this summer, Dr. Youstra was with them. He graciously gave each pastor a music CD during the OBF Pastor’s Conference this summer. Then during his visit to our church, he gave my wife another CD, “Who is Like our God?

She recently left it in the CD player in the basement, so I have been listening to it while getting ready each day. One of the songs has been a real blessing. It is called “You are God.” I had never heard it before, but think it would be a good one for Sharon and I to sing as a duet. On the recording, the song is sung by a soprano and tenor who do an excellent job of praising the Lord. After listening to the song several times, I thought it would be good to share the words with you.

You are God

You are God, you are holy
You are Savior and King
My Redeemer who is faithful and true
You’re my source of joy and comfort
You’re the song that I sing
Now I lift my voice in praise to you

All my desire
All I have and need
You are life and breath to me
You are God

You are God, the Almighty
You’re for evermore the same
You’re Creator of the heavens
Yet you call me by name

You are God, my Redeemer
Sent your Son to die for me
Jesus sacrificed his life to set me free
Oh what mercy
What wondrous grace
You sent your Son to take my place
You are Love

Beloved, Lamb of God
Emmanuel, God with us
Resurrection and the Life
Light of the world
Crown of glory
Bright and morning star
Ruler of my heart

You are God, you are worthy
And some day soon I’ll see your face
As I join the heavenly choir before your throne
Singing holy, holy, holy
Worthy is the Lamb that was slain
Now and forever you will reign
You are God

You are God (God the Almighty)
You are God

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