Island News — October 3, 2006

Christian conservatives to fight restrictions on military chaplains

Pastor Charles Flescher has been a chaplain in the Army for over twenty years. I have admired his willingness to pastor Greencastle Bible Church and to serve as a chaplain at the same time. With the current debate between evangelical chaplains and the military going on, it will be interesting to hear from Chaplain Colonel Ron Benzig at the Fall OBF Conference at Greencastle, October 13-14, 2006. I wonder what his perspective is on this.

Ohio bus fleet vandalized

Having served as the transportation supervisor for our Christian school, I take great interest in school bus happenings around the state. The school board has sent me to various state and regional meetings to keep an eye on government regulations and anything that would make an impact on our tiny fleet. This recent event in Newark, Ohio brings back the bad memory of our school bus being vandalized two years ago.

Fake Ohio State tickets

Thought you got a good deal on OSU football tickets. Better look into that deal before making that payment. “Iowa Iowa officials say more than 400 people were turned away from Saturday’s game against Ohio State because they had bought counterfeit tickets. Ticket manager David Sandstrum estimates fans were bilked out of as much as 100-thousand dollars.”

Should public schools offer Bible elective class?

“One opposing voice Monday night was that of Carol Burger, a Mt. Juliet woman who wasn’t able to attend the meeting but warned in a letter about dangers of teaching about the Bible in public schools. Her letter was one of two the board received against the proposed course. In a phone interview, Burger said, ‘This country is a melting pot of various religions, and it’s turning into theocracy. I don’t want to live in theocracy. … If parents want their children to learn about the Bible, they should put them in Sunday school.’ “

Don’t read your Bible during lunch break!

“A vice principal at Dwight D. Eisenhower Middle School in Laurel last month ordered Amber, then 12, to stop reading the Bible or face punishment. … ‘This is a seventh-grader who’s probably overwhelmed by what’s going on around her,’ Whitehead said. ‘This is a chance for her to get some comfort during the day. … What would you rather have a kid doing, throwing spit wads or sitting there silently reading a few passages from the Bible?'”


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