Biblical Worldview on Finances

Throughout Scripture there is a multitude of passages dealing with economics and personal finances. After dealing with those in our Bible class, it was encouraging to read the fourth chapter of Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret. What are your thoughts about the way Taylor handled his situation?

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21 thoughts on “Biblical Worldview on Finances

  1. jordan

    As Christians, we are commanded to trust God above all and be ready at all times to give back to Him what He has given to us even if that means releasing our own dreams. Taylor’s faith in giving up his money is a wonderful example of how our awesome God provides for those who trust Him with their everything. Even when we don’t understand why God seems to have forgotten us, when we’re hungry and tired and worried about what tomorrow will bring, He has a plan and is preparing us for it. We just need to trust his timing.

  2. Anonymous

    Its always great to see how God can work in our lives when we give up what we have to give to others in need. Alot of times in our lives we think that if we give to others then we wont have enough for ourselves, but as seen in this message God can give back what we give. Sometimes we need to just stop thinking about oursleves and consider others. -mike

  3. Anonymous

    It is amazing to see the selflessness of Taylor even when all the money he had waas just enough to feed himself he still gave to the poor family. And right later he went to God in prayer because he needed money for his rent. I love to see how trusting he was of his God and how much faith he had in him.


  4. Yugo

    I’ve heard this story before, and it’s one of my favorite examples of how God receives our faith. Sometimes I may feel that it’s not fair that God expects so much of us, but hearing about stuff like this shows me that we can never outgive God. If He asks us to give up something huge, it only means that He will give us back something just as big.

  5. anonymous

    We, Christians, can’t be afraid to help other people out financially even if we don’t have much money ourselves. The Lord will provide all of our needs no matter what they are. God was good to Hudson Taylor by giving him a lot more than Taylor gave to other people. Also, with the speed that God responded to Hudson Taylor. So, we can’t be afraid for our financial things as long as we are in fellowship with God and giving to Him. if we are doing these things, the Lord will give us everything we need.

  6. Ashley

    I think Hudson Taylor exhibited faith at least the size of the grain of a mustard seed. Jesus told His disciples that if they had faith the size of a mustard seed, they could move mountains. I think Hudson Taylor leaves a good example of faith. Instead of worrying, we need to have faith that God will provide for our needs as He has promised us. God has never failed us, so we don’t need to doubt His goodness. Great is His faithfulness to us!

  7. Grace

    I think that Hudson Taylor’s trust is very much like ours today. He stated that he was willing to trust Him but when the situation came he had trouble trusting God. Today we do the same thing. We say that we fully trust God, but then do not trust Him all the way when the time comes. God’s promise to supply all our needs is fullfilled when we trust on Him. He gave Hudson Taylor the money he needed and God will also give us what we need when the time comes. We just need to trust Him.

  8. Samantha

    Hudson Taylor trusted God no matter what his financial situation. Sometimes he didn’t have any money, but he trusted God and gave when he did have money. He gave even when he only had barely enough money to live on. God always provided for his needs. God will provide for our needs too. We need to trust God to provide for us no matter what. Sometimes it will be hard to do, but we need to do it.

  9. Nadine

    I think he handled his money well. He prayed and trusted God. He did fall in faith, but under conviction he knew that God wanted him to give his money to the man. At first he was almost doubting/ questioning if God wanted him to go to China after all. Then he prayed and recieved the money from a doctor. I believe this is the key: Trust God and he will supply for all of your needs.

  10. Katrina

    I liked the story because it teaches a valuable lesson that Christians are suppose to learn. Trust. Even though he needed the money, he trusted God to fulfill his needs and he gave it away for God’s purpose. Christian everyday should apply this lesson in trust. Even though it may look like there is no way out, we should trust God to supply our needs. Helping others is more important than helping ourselves. We should give to others in need for God’s purpose and just trust that God will take care of our needs.

  11. Joy Wiser

    It’s amazing to see how the Lord works. The Lord truly takes care of His own. CHristians can trust him to provided alltheir needs

  12. Andy Rupert

    I’m not one to break down emotionally very often. But while I was reading that chapter (even though I had heard the story before) I almost started crying. God is so good to those who trust him. Remember the lessons of Matthew 6:33 and Habakkuk 2:4 and you will have learned a life-long lesson.

  13. J.P.

    Wow, what a testimony! Hudson Taylor had enough faith in God to give his last coin to a needy family, leaving nothing for himself.If every Christian had this much faith, none of us would be heard to worry about our cares and troubles, and more unbelievers would stop to ask why and allow us to reach them with the gospel.

  14. Stephanie

    Hudson Taylor’s testimony goes to show that God will provide miraculously for those who seek His will and trust in Him to do it. God will never fail those who give up all they have to serve Him. Taylor’s testimony should be an example to christians today. I wish I had that kind of extreme faith and trust in God!

  15. Kelsey

    Hudson Taylor had a great testimony! For him to give up his last coin was a great thing to do in the Lord. He had all his faith and trust in God, which Christians today should also have. I hope to see more Christians that have the faith and trust he did.

  16. Alyssa

    That was a great testimony! His life really challenged me. He gave up all that he had to go into God’s service. Most people (or Christians) today would say that that was crazy! Give up all?-even all my money!? But that is what God tells us to do. “Let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.”–Matthew 16:24– I was challenged to make sure that there isn’t anything in my life that’s in the way of me serving God completely with my life. I was also encouraged by the fact that Hudson Taylor had great peace and joy when he gave up ALL. Usually we wouldn’t expect any joy or peace when we give up everything. Wouldn’t we be in depair and debt and be unhappy and anxious? But we will enjoy the blessed peace and joy when we truly surrender all to Christ. I need to keep in mind that experiencomg joy or peace isn’t having everything in this world, but it’s serving God with all my being by giving up everything to follow Him.

    “All to Jesus I surrender,
    All to Him I freely give;
    I will ever love and trust Him,
    In His presence daily live.
    I surrender all.”
    –Judson DeVenter–

  17. Thomas the blogger

    What a testimony he was to the people around him! He gave everything he had and God gave all his needs and more! What a rebuke to us as 21st century Christians that finds it hard to tithe a measly 10% of our wages or give extra to a friend in need.

  18. Shannon

    Hudson had an amazing testimony. He was willing to give all he had to someone. He put his whole trust in God to Provide for him. I think more Christians to day should try to follow in his example.

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