Island News — October 9, 2006

Franklin Graham describes Islamic religion

“It’s the teaching of Islam that is not tolerant of any other faith. It’s world domination. When they dominate an area, they’ll let other belief systems exist, but they’ll persecute them so that (people) convert to Islam and there’s total domination. Once you’re in Islam you can’t get out of it. If you leave Islam you have to be killed.”

Bible gets African interpretation

“Shouldn’t the ancient, enduring Bible be relevant to readers even without hundreds of pages of explanations? ‘I wish that is possible,’ said Adeyemo, who served as the book’s general editor. ‘But we’ve had the Bible for at least over 100 years on this continent, and the problems we are dealing with are still here.'”

California ban on same-sex marriage upheld

“A California appeals court ruled Thursday that state laws limiting marriage to heterosexual couples are constitutional and do not deprive gay or lesbian couples of a ‘vested fundamental right.’ The ruling is the latest in a string of recent setbacks for same-sex marriage advocates. In a 2-to-1 decision, a panel of the 1st District Court of Appeals overturned a 2005 ruling by a lower court judge in San Francisco that denying same-sex couples the right to marry was unconstitutional. Thursday’s decision likely will not be the final word, however, as the ruling is expected to be appealed to the California Supreme Court.”

Where’s the leak?

We developed a leak along the gutter end of the roof over the five years we have lived here and its time to do something about it. Anyone care to join me? The kids and I started tearing off the back porch (computer room) shingles along the window wall of Katie’s room this evening. But after removing the rough looking patches alongside that wall, it looks water tight. I think the real problem is not the shingles, but the missing drip edge which allows water to get past the gutter and into the roof itself. That may prove to be an easier or bigger job than I was anticipating. We’ll see.

How many second graders fit in a Saab?

Jefferson’s first grade class fit in the Saab last year, but not anymore. Compare this year’s picture with last year’s. There is one less student in the class, but they are all a bit bigger. What interested me was that the same girl is in the drivers seat. Who is that?

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9 thoughts on “Island News — October 9, 2006

  1. Ryan

    I think the gays should just quite trying to get married because it is disgusting and anti-biblical not to mention the thought of it is quite nausiating.

  2. Ashley

    I don’t find a problem with an Arican commentary on the Bible. However, it should be used only as a supplement. The Bible should be what is being studied and meditated on. It sounds like this commentary is giving applications for the Bible. I think the African Christians could be capable of making their own applications, but we also use commentaries to help us to understand passages. Also, pastors commonly use now-a-days situations so the congregation could comprehend what was going on then. Again, these Christians should only this as a supplement; otherwise, this is a wrong practice.

  3. Samantha

    I think the courts made the right decision. Marriage is between a man and a woman, and I’m glad the courts see that.

  4. jordan

    I agree wholeheartedly with Graham that Islam is a very intolerant religion. One of my interests is learning more about Christian martyrdom around the world. I cannot relate how many stories, articles, and letters I’ve read about people in Islamic countries who are constantly being punished for their faith. Many of them are killed when they convert. Others manage to escape but are forced to live their lives in hiding. When a Christian man dies, his wife and daughters are often forced to marry Muslim men and convert to Islam. As Americans, we have a hard time understanding the constant dread Christians in Islamic countries must feel. We don’t realize how richly God has blessed us.

  5. lizy

    What a hard situation be wittness in. If a person is saved out of Islam they may have to except the punishment, death. They should do this because it will be a testimony to the rest of the world.

  6. Katrina

    I think that it is good for the evangelist to want to rebuild the chuches. The Islam people need to know about the truth.

  7. Yugo

    As horrible as Islam is, as far as their process of converting converts(??) is concerned, it’s actually a pretty effective method. I used to wonder why Islam is growning so much when their barbaric ways are so widely publicized, but if you don’t convert, you die. Hey, that works for most people

  8. Stephanie

    I think it’s great that California will continue to not allow gays to marry. Homosexuals should get the hint that they won’t win in California. Isn’t it funny how 1% of America controls the other 99%? However, I don not think that the govenor should allow gays to file joint tax returns!

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