Island News — October 30, 2006

Evangelical Hell House

You’ve been wanting to pass out tracts during Halloween. But others have taken the idea even further. An evangelical church has devised a Hell House to replace the popular haunted houses. But after watching the movie clip, you will ask yourself, “Is this really an appropriate way to reach the lost?”

Sick of Kerguelen

What if you got sick on the French Isle de Kerguelen? Would you be able to have proper medical care? What if you needed surgery? How about a heart attack? At over 800 miles from the nearest medical facility, two men were faced with possible death.

Does anybody think West Virginia could beat Ohio State?

Sorry, friends, but their schedule doesn’t impress me at all. If they happen to finish the season undefeated, I might be convinced. Who have they played? Compare their schedule to that of OSU or Michigan and then answer the original question.

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2 thoughts on “Island News — October 30, 2006

  1. Anonymous

    I believe that the use of the “Hell House” is walking on the wrong side a fine line between right and wrong. The use of a faux haunted house, while it might bring some to salvation, is endorsing a satanic and demonic “holiday.” The question one must ask is, “Do the ends justify the means.” I believe that they do not.

  2. Andy Rupert

    Thomas, I don’t think they were endorsing the Satanic holiday. They were trying to point out the role he has in today’s society. One of the actors played the part of Satan to show his hand in the sinful practices depicted in the “drama.” But even with that idea, I wasn’t quite comfortable with what they did.

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