Memory Contest

Each year, Mentor Christian School has an Elementary Bible Memory Contest during which each student recites a memory passage. The kindergarten always quotes Psalm 100 with the specific voice inflections taught them by Mrs. Gray. You can imagine the variety of skill and comfort levels. But the end result is that students are hiding God’s Word in their hearts. That is worth all the hard work.

Jefferson and Katie both took part in the program. Jefferson recited Proverbs 3:1-7 while Katie recited Psalm 100. Sharon worked hard with them and it showed as they stepped up to the microphone. Just before Jefferson was about to start, I had to run to the door and let in some parents who were locked out. So, I recorded Jefferson from the coat rack. That recording didn’t turn out so well. I had to amplify it with Audacity. But when it was Katie’s turn, I held the iPaq close to a speaker and it turned out much better.



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