Trick or Treat

In past years, we have attempted to take advantage of Beggar’s night, by passing out evangelistic material. Having procrastinated until this afternoon, a friend and I visited the local Christian book store in Mentor. The selection of children’s tracts had already been picked over, but I was able to purchase about 60 children’s tracts in cartoon comic form. When I got home, we formed a production line and placed a tract and several pieces of candy in 60 zip-loc bags.

It was a pretty dark and wet night and our home was the only one with lights on. But before I left for a committee meeting, I was able to hand out two. When I returned at nine, my children reported that only seven had visited the door! That was a bit disappointing, but then I remembered praying that the Lord would use the tracts that were distributed. I trust he will do just that.

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