Practical Proverbs

In a recent adult Sunday School lesson, we studied the proverbs about diligence. One of the verses came to mind as I was raking leaves in our yard today.

I went by the field of the lazy man, and by the vineyard of the man devoid of understanding; and there it was, all overgrown with thorns; its surface was covered with nettles; its stone wall was broken down. When I saw it, I considered it well; I looked on it and received instruction … .

It’s too easy to be lazy and put off yard work. But with that proverb running through my head, I stuck with it and finished the job. After what happened today, I’m glad I did!

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7 thoughts on “Practical Proverbs

  1. dale

    That is one great photo, Andy! Especially since it is an evening/low light shot. Love your photography on your blog!

  2. KatriniZambini

    The memory of snowflakes drifting through the street-lamplight at the intersection of Milford and Summit Avenues came to mind when I looked at this pictur: a quiet and peaceful evening in a neighborhood of houses tucked in with a blanket of snow.
    How did Ohio get winter before Minnesota? Must be the great big lake effect.

  3. Linda

    Truly gotta love the flag. I have one just like it in the music room, here in Korea!!! 🙂 The snow looks beautiful, but I think that I’ll let you have it. Still sticking with the autumn weather here. Katrina is right, it is reminiscent of winter evenings at home.

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