Korean Kounterpart

Just when you thought big hair had become passe, a new group has brought it back in style. But this time it’s happening at a small Christian school in South Korea. The two man band, Korean Kounterpart, was formed this year during spirit week after getting an inspiring glimpse of American singer/song writer, Roop-Dawg. “This is quite an honor,” said the surprised performer in a recent BBC interview. “Who woulda thunk it?”

The South Korean band is seeking to mimick the sweet styles of the infamous YoBF Boyz. And the hard work is finally paying off. Vocalist “Seoul Train” and drummer “Ping Pyong Paddy Wack” have become quite the sensation in the local area under the direction of producer Larry “Puff Daddy” Fitch. Click here if you would like to book them for your next youth meeting.

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4 thoughts on “Korean Kounterpart

  1. Linda

    Wonderful use of your imagination! All those years of telling add on stories paid off. lol I will be posting this on the bulletin board at school. I’m sure the kids will enjoy it.

  2. Seoulman

    Well, I suppose this is one way to get me to reply to your blog! Quite funny–I enjoyed learning about the YOBF and your recently- released CD.

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