I thought this was an interesting commentary about religious labels.

One of the inescapable hazards of living in our day and generation is that people like to stick a label on everything in sight. So, rather than be mislabeled, I’d rather choose a label of my own. I could be rather confusing to you (even more confusing to most people) to say that I’m a born again, 2½ point Calvinist, brought up in the Presbyterian church, baptized by immersion, and a pre-millennial, pre-tribulation rapturist, with Plymouth Brethren theology, and missionary Baptist leanings, and an independent separatist at heart.

That’s what it takes to describe me. It’s so much easier to say, I’m not ashamed to be called a fundamentalist. Now I don’t want to be identified with all that goes on in the name of fundamentalism any more than I want to be identified with all that goes on in the name of Christianity. But basically there are only three camps existing in the religious world in America today. There’s liberalism and there’s new evangelicalism and there’s fundamentalism. Now I’m against the liberals. I’m ashamed of the new evangelicals. And I’m proud to be called a fundamentalist.”

Kent Kelly in “The Foundations of Fundamentalism” preached on 8/3/1975

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