6 thoughts on “Yeah!

  1. Andy Rupert

    Pastor Spence’s wife called during the first quarter. She said, “Steve’s van is broken down and he’s wondering if you could go and pick him up.” Then she started laughing. He really wasn’t in trouble. She just wanted to find out how I’d respond.

    I should have hung up!

    So tonight I figured I’d jack up the rear wheels of his Astro van so tomorrow he’ll really need my help!

  2. Mark Perry

    Where’s Green Jeans? [heh,heh] What a game.

    Gotta love Mike Hart’s comment after the game: “Their defense wasn’t really that great.” Sounds like sour grapes from a six-year-old on the playground. Real classy.

  3. Anonymous

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, I hear ya.

    I actually enjoyed the game a lot, despite the fact that the team I root for lost! Unlike someone else I know, I don’t plan on changing who I root for!

    I’m looking forward to the rematch in January! 🙂

  4. Andy Rupert

    The Sunday edition of the Plain Dealer had a Porsche advertisement with a scarlet Cayman and a grey Cayman. The caption read:

    “A great getaway car after you’ve burned your couch.”

    I’m looking forward to Ohio State beating Michigan again in January. And who knows? We’re getting a new couch. So, maybe I’ll save the old one for the big event. 🙂

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