5 thoughts on “Proverbs 22:6?

  1. dale

    Great photo, Andy! Hmmm…I’m just not seeing Mountain Dew in the Proverbs passage cited :)…am I missing something in the exegesis of the verse [lol]?

  2. Andy Rupert

    Rest assured that we don’t allow our kids to drink Mountain Dew. Except … Jefferson told me that he had sipped out the last few drops of that can after I had finished it. Oops!

  3. dale

    I was a huge Mountain Dew kid when I was growing up. I used to save all of my paper route money so I could have as much as I could for the camp store when I went to Peniel. It seemed like all I ever bought was Mountain Dew and jawbreakers! Ah, those were the days! Whew! All that Dew, and look how I turned out (that would be a deterant against Mountain Dew for any parent)!

    Your son looks so intense as he’s reading. It kind of reminds me of us reading the paper with a hot cup of freshly ground coffee at the table over breakfast. Is the mark of maturity progressing from Dew to coffee: does that mean anything?

    Btw, Love the new look to the blog!

  4. Andy Rupert

    The big thing for us at camp was buying a whole box of jaw breakers. You knew you had arrived if you did that.

    Now, Dale, you are a bit … um … older than me. Did you buy Mountain Dew in the 10 oz. glass bottles in the little cabin by the bathroom building?

  5. dale

    Ah, why, yes, we did! Those bottles…was recycling the “in” thing some 35 years back? I must have bought enough to keep the camp open for many years!

    My wife and I were at camp with Doug and Lori back in July. It had been almost 25 years since I had been there last. Ashbrook Hall is such a blessing to be around, and the old dining hall…a bookstore in it now. God has certainly blessed the OBF with Camp Peniel. Didn’t do the Dew when we were there, though, but Debbie did let me buy a camp hat!


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