Heisman Hug

Saturday evening, the Heisman Trophy was awarded to an Ohio State Buckeye—Troy Smith. A lot of things can be said about him. He throws well, runs well, makes sure everybody is involved, and has led the team to three victories against the team up north. But what has interested me most is his relationship with Coach Jim Tressel. I must admit that it was an emotional experience to see him run up and hug his coach before the beginning of the big game. And then to watch the ESPN video of his speech just before accepting the Heisman trophy.

Normally I’m pretty cool in pressure situations but my heart is pounding so fast right now. First off I want everybody to know that is able to be with us today—to understand how much I’m thankful. And I have to thank God for this because without him none of this is possible. I sat in front of all you great people today and without God we wouldn’t have all the great blessings that we have before all of us. Two. My head coach Jim Tressel. You know, he put the ball in my hand … and let me know that he had trust in me as his head quarterback to lead the Ohio State University.

It wasn’t always that way at the beginning. Then something happened that made all the difference. Some people say that Smith became a Christian about the time he got in trouble for taking gifts from a fan. I don’t know if that is true, but he always gives God the credit for what has been achieved. And no doubt Tressel’s Christian testimony has been influential. He seems to really care about his players. In any event, I’m glad for Troy and the Buckeyes and hope that he chooses to follow the Lord and speak out for him in the future.

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